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>> a quick reminder of the world headlines. barack obama ordering more transparency and surveillance, saying that they are not interested in spying on ordinary people. the u.s. and russia without two -- vow to find ways to mend their disagreements. bloodshed in pakistan. nine people killed as gunmen opened fire at a mosque after a devastating suicide bombing at a police funeral. turkey advises its citizens in lebanon to leave the country if necessary. the lebanese state agency said
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that it reviews the unknown group has claimed responsibility saying that the hostages would be freed in return for lebanese captives held in syria. u.s. firefighters are gaining ground against the california wildfire that is threatening hundreds of homes. good we the a step closer to finding the model for the mona lisa? -- could we be a step closer to finding the model for mono lisa? the election returned robert mugabe to power. the opposition has evidence that some there were some names duplicated on the list.
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>> thank you for joining us. our guest discussed molly. >> there is no question that this is a very serious problem. as i was saying, the agreement says that negotiations between the two has to be in 60 days, no later than 60 days. i n't thinthat any government is going to agree to the independencef that part of molly -- mali. i do believe and i agree that this issue has been ignored for too many years. i believe that the time can be ripe for some sort of an
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agreement to be made. i will be optimistic about that. i think a lot of the people are tired. they don't have tremendous public support. it is obviously a crucial moment for the country. there are reasons for caution. >> when mali was falling apart, the whole world was talking about it. now, nobody seems interested. >> we are discussing in tonight. >> they have had talks and there have been peace deals and we have not seen any final solution on this. i would like to say i am optimistic. i am optimistic about the political future after this incredible experience.
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i do not share your optimism. it is represented by a group that is widely hated in many parts of the country. also, talking about the international community. france is a former colonial power and they have to tread very carefully because there is a sense that the france contingent is soft. when the military operation was happening, the military did not move into the stronghold. france allowed them. >> they avoided a bloodbath. bucks right. how are we going to negotiate in the future? i'm sure they will come up with a peace deal. >> this idea, this notion that
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there were so many different types of people within the country, so many different groups and it is an invented state. who is representing who? who has the mandate? man that gets elected, but whohe does he represent? >> they don't have dominant tribes. a lot of african countries you can just follow which tribe has held onto power were dominated power and mali has many tribes. it does not split aundribal lines, even in the north where the tuareg want their homeland. who do they support?
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this >> it is how stable it becomes. >> they have not made any kind of call for a particular person. >> we will be visiting the country. let's talk about the russia, the usaf air. e u.s.-russia relationship is looking at that much touted reboot. this could hinder progress on major world issues that involve these two nations. their fingers are in every pie, good and bad, across the globe.
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>> there is a lot of theater that they mentioned. they want to put up a show of a crisis. i will not meet with them. secretary of defense will meet his colleague. all of the context, the professional levels will continue. they don't want to push it too far. for the moment, both parties are staging a crisis. >> who has come off with egg on their face? >> i will say that obama was the winner. there is a lot of talk about how this is theater. there are many who think that
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this is overreach and overreaction. i never underestimate how important these personal relations are. in pushing these things or and blocking things. bush looked into putin's eyes and found a man he could communicate with. >> that is a strange image. >> it is a bit depressing with the things that putin has done, edward snowden is the one that angers the u.s.. >> here, you have a situation where edward snowden reveals soviet like tactics.
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they adamantly want this guy back even to the point of bringing down the plane of the bolivian president which i thought was outrageous because they thought that snowden was on the plane. there is no extradition treaty. what can he do? that would have been a sign of weakness to send him back. he did go far. the u.s. is looking like a bully in the situation. obama had no choice, he could not go and shake putin's hand. >> russia looks like the u.s. did 10 years ago.
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the u.s. looks like russia did 40 years ago. >> is information will not be discovered. the soviet russians are very good at figuring out how to get that kind of information. >> he can stay if he stops revealing. >> that does not mean that he does not get it. as far as winners and losers, neither party really wanted this in the first place. >> are there issues like syria, or iran. >> there are agreements on those issues. >> the presidents meet on their agreement. the weight of ó and is acting right now, ever since the it
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ministration has been dealing with right and all the way through this hardheaded attitude about gays, this might have been true of russian society before but they have been decided to focus on this more recently. this reminds me of a guy that has lost his mojo privately and knees to show it off publicly. he needs to prove that he has something to prove. this whole thing with what he is doing, it is so counterproductive. >> who you consider how much they spent. these are the most expensive games ever. >> they want to have taurus coming in. they don't want to discourage gay and lesbian tourism. there are things that they are doing which seems to be over the top. >> we are getting towards that time.
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as he is setting himself. >> if they started a band, what would it be called? >> the whistleblowers of course. >> just looking at mali this evening. this is one of the news websites we have been looking at that. they are talking about the frustrations and the two wings have been so short. >> there was a religious holiday. there was the only real day when there was a potential for debate and discussion. they are explaining in that
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context. it was actually idk. his spokesman said there would not be a televised debate today. the former prime minister is ahead he does not want to take any risks in terms of debating the issues >> he does not want to take risks. >> the same thing happened in reverse and the underdog one. >> this is addressed to one of the former -- what you think about the debate? that is in 2010.
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>> that debate did not resolve all of the issues that they had with each other. there is no other, saying that they are quite happy to have an debate. how come you're not in agreement with them? you can get that debate to happen. >> it is not going to happen. so, an optimistic take on things. this is a democratic step forward. they have a very high turnout. they are saying this is a good time. the five areas that the next president will have to work on. these are the issues that you will be discussing. obviously, terrorism, reconstructing the stage particularly north of the country. >> thank you.
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let's resume our conversation. i think there's much more to talk about on the u.s.-russia situation. >> i feel that as far as obama, president obama losing credibility. i don't think he had a choice. there were no issues that were up for agreement. there have been human rights abuses that have been increasing more visible inside of russia over the past couple of years. of course, snowden's asylum. what choice would they have? >> snowden comes up again. is the u.s. government still after him? leave him alone, he does not have done -- he has not done
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anything evil. >> go back to washington. that is part of the problem. there was no point in going to the summit. not only the issues that have been mentioned but also obama's idea of reducing the nuclear arsenal. the trade agreement has gotten lost in the controversy. imagine a beginning, today we have a high level meeting between kerry and the senators of the state. you cannot stop this relationship. these are two nuclear powers. as you have said yourself, they have their finger in every pie. certainly, one has been made and nobody is coming out the winner.
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>> it is a kind of a small win- win situation. for cutin, it is always good to show his win inside of russia. for internal consumption, it is great. barack obama has a problem with his foreign-policy. it is not consistent. there is the coup d'état in egypt. it is not a coup d'état because it is our guys. snowden, it is the same. obama is doing russia bashing over human rights. every single issue, american foreign policy is impossible to explain. it's i think staging a confrontation gives people a strong image that we have a red
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line. this is where we stand. there is a confrontation. i said no, i'm not is enough. >> it is frustrating. we perceive that there is no advance towards working together on positions such as syria, russia. >> but they do. there is no real pressure for both of them to reach an agreement. every time you reach an agreement, someone has to give something. they only do it when you really really have to. they feel they don't have to. >> so, snowden is not the big issue here. >> if you notice, cutin did not give him unlimited asylum.
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who is to say it will not be revoked? >> this was not dealt in the same way between the u.s. and china. probably today the u.s. and china has real issues. with russia, both parties said, that is a new crisis. >> this has gone from a top line power to somewhere down the middle. >> russia was the 16th economy in the world and they had very tough words and they would not have to kowtow to them. this was very tough which was part of the problem. this actually goes to the heart of it in their opinion. one of the problems is that
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putin feels he is not getting the respect that he and russia deserved. you are not respecting me enough, you're not respecting the russian people. i think that is part of what is going on. >> this is a lot of chest thumping. of course, it plays to his domestic market, but the americans have classically been seen by the russians that if you talk to people have been in on their char talks, the russian se negotiation is very macho. they left condoleezza rice waiting. given that putin seems like a
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man that has lost his mojo. obama has played this card. >> i don't think he is very conciliatory in this. >> what would you like him to do? >> i think he was right and he should not have gone to moscow. he could not have afforded to do that to lyrically. the fact of the matter is that the u.s. is spying on millions and millions of ordinary americans and this is a shock to the world. this is supposed to be the soviet union, not the u.s.. the obama administration, you wonder what is going on in their minds. suddenly we have this massive terrorist threat. just a few weeks ago, al qaeda was decapitated. now, you are able to threaten
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all of these consulates. i don't know what has happened here. >> why would they risk so much if they did notthere we go. let's move on. perhaps a rosebud moment in the making. orson welles had a movie called too much johnson and it had been thought to be destroyed. well, it was found in italy in a cultural center. it is being restored in new york and there will be a first screening on october 9 back in italy which will be a silent movie day. he was 23 when this film was made. then, he'd directed citizen kane, his legend and classic. i know you're excited by this.
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>> first of all, the very first professional directorial effort of orson welles is that it is always an event. it becomes the missing link between his school days and the days of citizen kane which was his first film we knew about. it harkens back to the fact with a pioneer. the way he dealt with studios, this reflected the problems at that time. he had great problems with " citizen kane" and other films in terms of distribution. this is certainly one of the biggest problems today. >> this is so much ahead of his time. >> it was perceived that his techniques would not be appreciated by the public. in many cases, that was true.
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it was also perceived, and that time the studio system was strong and the studios could do whatever they wanted to. oftentimes, the contracts were renegotiated and they took away his right to have the final cut. pin that light, it any time we talk about orson welles, we are talking about a reflection of our own culture today because he is considered perhaps the greatest director of all time in movie history. >> he was 26 when he made " citizen kane" which is a very young age. this is remarkable. what would you have thought? >> i have a question. if i understood correctly. it was not meant to be a film, it was supposed to be a part of a show, kind of a theater and
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movie saying. when people are watching us, how could you expect one day to turn on the television and see a film that no one had ever seen? >> first of all, it is absurd. you would not know what his vision was. they only had four hours that existed. >> that is not a lot. that is not a lot. >> that is the equivalent of like finding 12 treasure chests. >> is or anything of interest to the public or just for people to do research or to be really big fans of film history? >> you are a big fan.
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can you sell it to us? >> it reminds me of a pretty well known and famous french writer who was that she was from the nobility. things shifted from the time of the horse and buggy to the taxi. orson welles representative figure that was such. it was not yet completely understood or respected. >> the world had some strange creatures in it. thank you very much. we will boldly go into more broadcasting.
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"a wonderful program" thank you for sending. wonderful program because we have wonderful guests. a pleasure to see all of you. thank you for watching.
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welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. u.s. president barack obama says he's reassessing relations with russia. he says american and russian leaders differ on a growing number of issues. obama spoke two days after canceling a summit with russian president vladimir putin. he says the u.s. relationship with russia changed after putin took over from dmitry medvedev. >> when president putin, who was prime minister when medvedev was president, came back into power, i think we saw

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